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Our Partners

Paradise Arcade shop

One of the true mom and pop shops left for arcade parts, Paradise Arcade Shop thrives on customer service. Their support phone dials you directly into their phones, no operators in between! Brian and Susan have brought forth a variety of products ranging from Japanese Sanwa buttons and Joysticks to electronic parts and PCB's.

They have also contributed a number of original custom products to market including the Kaimana Led driver board, the LVT3 complete LED and controller board and the Paradise Universal Plates as well as others.

We are proud to have them as our exclusive parts supplier, visit their website at:

JAsen's Custom Creations

Hailing from the The Sunshine State and now in California, Jasen Hicks has been taking the arcade hardware scene by storm with both his MK30 ADCAP Super Guns and the Panzer Tank Stick. His contributions have earned him the 2014 SRK Tech Talk Company of the Year and the 2014 SRK Tech Talk New Arcade Stick of the Year awards.

We are currently waiting for his new Panzer 2.0 due to be released near September, our best wishes to him!

You can see his work here:



No matter what name you know them by, Tek-Innovations equals quality products and services. Arthur has everything: High quality prints, acrylic panel replacements and even laser etching for your plexis. His line of TEK cases is the base of our Showcase series and we are proud to have him onboard! Every part of the case is color customizable and you can have an image laser etched onto the top or bottom of the case.

Find out about all his services at their website: